Weekend Tales II

So as I was saying, the other weekend turned out to be quiet random.  After Sam and I got back from the Vanderbilt football game, we both had put on our sweats when I received a text from Hillary saying she was going out and since it didn’t work to meet up last night she really wanted to see us.  I stuck to my guns and told her I was staying in tonight but we would have to plan something for next weekend.  Then, we were just about to watch a movie Sam rented when my phone started ringing.  My friend Adam from home (who is in grad school at Mississippi State) was calling….at 9:00PM.  I answered and the first thing he said was “Hey, you’re still in Nashville right?!”  He then proceeded to tell me he was in town with his frat buddies for a formal of some sort and that I NEEDED to get downtown and hang out with them.

Of course, the night I’m absolutely determined to NOT go out one of my friends just happens to be in town.  So, after getting off the phone with him I convinced Sam to go out as well as Jacquie, Rachel, Katie, Courtney, and Lauren B.  What can I say, I can be good at sweet talking Winking smile 


After getting ready, we all went to meet Adam at BB Kings which I have never been to before.  We met all of his friends and after finishing our drinks I convinced Adam to head to a different bar.  BB Kings was okay but the jazz music was hard to dance to and we were all definitely in the mood to go somewhere where we could both talk and dance to some good music.  So we ended up leaving and going to one of the new bars that has opened up called Honkey Tonk Central.  Only in Nashville will you find somewhere with a name like that!


This bar had just the atmosphere we were looking for and Adam loved it too.  Him and his friends had been drinking since 11am so by 1:00 they were ready to leave and headed back to their hotel.  Jacquie, Lauren, Rachel, and Katie ended up leaving too but now that we were out Courtney, Sam, and I were not quite ready to go home.  So, we ended up leaving Honkey Tonk and meeting the med students at Paradise Park. 

After finding Hillary and talking to her for awhile, I had a guy come up to me that looked really familiar.  It ended up being Lindsey’s neighbor, Nick, who I had met before.  I talked to him for quite awhile and hung out with the med students for the rest of the night.  We ended up staying out to bar close and then going to get some late night food (for Courtney) afterwards and not getting home until 3:30am.  Our spontaneous night ended up being a lot of fun and it was really great to see Adam again.

The whole weekend was filled with a lot of fun and relaxing but not productive at all like I had hoped.  That’s okay though – there’s plenty of other time to get cleaning and studying done!

I’ll have to make time this week to post a recap of the festivities from yesterday since I did the Country Music Rock N’ Roll half marathon.  Saturday was a crazy busy day and I got to cross the one race I had really wanted to do while I was here off my bucket list.  I’ll fill you all in later!

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Weekend Tales

This past weekend was really fun – and also really random!  Going into Friday, I had no plans other than going to happy hour.  It was the intern Liz’s birthday on Friday so after work we all headed to Sam’s to have a few drinks in celebration.  While we were there, Liz found out that her sister had an emergency c-section and her nephew was born! Crazy how things happen….

Right before heading to happy hour, one of the med students Hillary texted Sam and I and wanted us to go out with her and some of the other med students.  Since we haven’t hung out with any of them in awhile, we decided to head to midtown and meet up with them later in the night.  That was the plan at least….but due to miscommunication and the med students deciding to be lame they left early and we never saw them.  Oh well!

Saturday was the best part of the weekend.  I woke up, went running, and on my run I found the Grilled Cheeserie – only the best food truck ever!


It was in the park right down the street from us so Sam and I walked there for lunch.  This is now the only new eating place/restaurant I have been to twice in Nashville – which means it really is amazing Winking smile


                    Spring melt – asparagus, bacon, cheese, lemon aioli

After stuffing ourselves with grilled cheese we met Ina and her cousin for some lounging at the pool.  While we were there we found out some terrible news – Ina’s roommate Courtney saw Taylor Swift walking away with food from the food trucks about 20 minutes AFTER SAM AND I LEFT.  Ahh….so close to another celebrity sighting!

Eventually we dragged ourselves away from the pool and got ready for our next adventure – watching Jordan Rodgers play some football!  It was the 2nd annual Black and Gold game where Vanderbilt scrimmages each other for the public to see.  I definitely was not going to pass up that opportunity, especially since there were fireworks after too!

   004         005

Mr. Rodgers has the starting quarterback position for next year but Vandy recruited some new players and he may end up having to fight to keep his spot.  His team did end up winning 33-0 though so that’s at least a good sign. 


                                               Fireworks at the end

I was really impressed by the fireworks after the game too.  They didn’t last too long but they really did a good job lighting up different types and making sure we had a good show to watch.  Not bad for a free night….well free except for the $4 diet Pepsi I bought just because I wanted the Vanderbilt cup it came in!

After that Sam and I were both planning on staying in the rest of the night.  I had a list of things I wanted to do on Sunday and I wanted a relaxing, quiet weekend for once.  But somehow every time I want to stay in something good is going on I just can’t pass up…more on that later!

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Serious Question

Alright friends, I have a very important question for everyone.  First off, I am in the rotation in my internship where I am working on the college’s campus.  On Monday, Ina and I are working with the ATHLETES and had to prepare a mobile presentation/game about fueling for exercise.  Here is where the important part comes in….if I see Jordan Rodgers at this event, do I:

A. Work into the conversation that I am from Green Bay and see if he comments

B. Act nonchalant and then slip him my phone number while I’m leaving

C. Avoid him so that I don’t act like an idiot and look stupid

D. Other ________________ (fill in the blank)

Decisions, decisions.  Fingers crossed that he is there cuz this is probably my last chance to run in to him! 

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St. Patty’s Day

After our adventures on Friday night, we had quite the wake up call on Saturday.  We were all up by 6:30am because we had an important event to get to – the Keggs and Eggs St. Patty’s Day race in Nashville.  The race is put on by the company named “I run for the party”….seems quite appropriate to me Winking smile  Before we left the apartment we made sure we decked out in the St. Patrick’s Day clothes Allie and Amanda bought before flying down.

        002            004

Since we had been out the night before with very little sleep, I don’t think any of us were feeling 100%.  The race was still a lot of fun though and there were a ton of people there.  I’d say about 90- 95% of the participants were decked out in outfits for the holiday which was really cool to see.  After the race was over, there was a breakfast of eggs tortilla wraps, bananas, chips, and Michelob waiting for us.  We took advantage of the food but brought the beer home for later.  I don’t think any of us would have been able to stomach that so early, especially after running 3 miles.

The rest of the day was pretty relaxed – we went and soaked up some sun by the pool, left to grab some lunch at Which wich, and then since it was downpouring we headed to Dave and Busters that had just opened in the Grand Ole Opry mall.  I had never been to one of those before (it’s like a Chuckie Cheese for adults) and I’m really glad we went – it was a ton of fun.  Amanda and I shared a card with our tokens on while Allie and Rob split one.  Let’s just say I think Amanda and I were the big winners of the day Winking smile

             IMG_2576                            007

12oo tickets from Wheel of Fortune                      They weren’t so lucky… Winking smile

After playing during the afternoon, we came home and took some much needed naps and then got up and ready for the night.  One of the other interns, Noelia, came over and we cabbed it to Sam’s (our favorite happy hour spot!) to convince our friends Abhi and Lauren as well as Lauren’s brother to come to Midtown with us.  After a lot of “discussing” things (Laurens brother is a lawyer…man they like to argue!) we left with Abhi and went to Tin Roof.  Eventually Lauren and Paul joined us there too.

           011              012

After staying at Tin Roof for awhile we headed to Winners so that Allie could sing some karaoke.  Well, that was the plan until she chickened out and decided to wait until bar close to put her name on the list for singing.  Oh well, it was still a really fun night!

This weekend was quite different than when Amy and Amanda came to visit – this time we were worried more about relaxing and celebrating St. Patty’s Day than sightseeing – but both weekends were a ton of fun!  It was great to see some of my friends and I feel really lucky that they were able (and willing) to fly down and visit.  Thanks for a great weekend guys!

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“Spring Break”

When Friday came, I couldn’t believe it was the weekend again already.  This week absolutely flew by! Let’s back up to last weekend….

Over St. Patrick’s Day weekend I had three visitors – Allie, Amanda, and Rob flew down for the weekend Smile  They got to Nashville at 8:30 am Friday and I had the day off work as a mini spring break. 

We were all signed up for the Keggs and Eggs race on Saturday morning so one of the things we did after they got in on Friday was pick up our race packets.  We wanted to pick them up early so that we didn’t have to wake up quite as early Saturday to get them and so we could make sure to get the size t-shirts we wanted.  For lunch, we walked around until we found the Grilled Cheeserie which is one of the food trucks in Nashville that I have been trying to find for the past few months.  Let’s just say that the wait was worth it – it was the best grilled cheese sandwich I have ever had!



After lunch we hit up the pool at my apartment.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous (in the 80’s) so we layed out and napped a little by the pool.  It had been a crazy sleep deprived week for me (again!) and Allie, Amanda, and Rob had all been up really early to catch the flight so we all needed some relaxation.  After a lazy afternoon we went out for supper at Flying Saucer.  This is one of my favorite places in Nashville because they have a varied menu and extensive beer list…plus they were playing all the March Madness games so it was a great spot for supper.


Then, the real fun for the night began Smile  We put on our party shoes and headed out to Broadway (downtown) for the night.  Since some of the March Madness games were being played in Nashville there were tons of people out.  Broadway is the prime tourist spot so it was definitely crazy there.  We found a bar with some good music right away (Paradise Park) and then after dancing for awhile headed further down the street to Cadillac Ranch.  This bar is known for their dancing so we went there for a little bit of different music.  We only stayed out until 1 AM because we had some fun festivities planned for the next day.

To be continued…..

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..hours is how much sleep I got on Wednesday night.  I had my clinical case study due on Thursday morning – it ended up being 45 pages + 15 pages in the appendices and 47 sources.  Whew….I am really glad that is done!  The whole paper was about the little girl with leukemia who had a stem cell transplant that I followed throughout her hospital stay.  It had all her background information, what happened during the hospital stay, drug-nutrient interactions, and prognosis.  This is what my room looked like while doing my case study:


Quite the disaster, huh?  Let’s just say part of my weekend was spent organizing my papers and cleaning my room…..

Besides going to happy hour on Friday, this weekend has been pretty mellow which is exactly how I wanted it to be.  Last night Jacquie, Rachel, Katie, Lauren B and I got together and watched Footloose which I thought was really good.  Jacquie was in the mood to bake last night and halfway through the movie the oven timer went off and we took a break to eat these delicious bars:



This was one of the best desserts I have ever had – they were even better than campfire s’mores.  I’m really glad I have roommates that bake Winking smile  It was the perfect night to recuperate from my crazy busy week and it was so good to actually get to spend time with the other interns, we really don’t get to see each other much since my partner Ina and I have been working out in the community this semester.


Today I was working on homework in the living room when Sam came in and said she might head out to Percy Warner park to go hiking on the trails.  I’ve been wanting to go for quite awhile and the few times we had made tentative plans to go it has always rained.  It was gorgeous outside today so I told Sam I would go with her.

The one thing we found out when we got there is the parking lots are not well marked and it’s hard to figure out where they are in relation to the trails we wanted to hit up.  So, we just parked in a lot off the main road and decided we would wander around until we found the 4.5 mile trail.  Once we got to the trails we walked on the connecting “candy cane” trail for awhile until we got to the one we were looking for.  The trails are absolutely gorgeous but super hilly, we were definitely in for a good workout.

       128              126

We even ended up running into one of our internship preceptors on the walk!  After walking for over an hour, the trail didn’t seem to be going back to the parking lot like we had hoped (the trail is supposed to be one big circle).  We stopped and were trying to figure out where we were in relation to the parking lot using Sam’s GPS on her phone when a runner stopped and asked if we needed help.  He also looked up where we were on his phone and pointed us in the right direction. Well, turns out we were nowhere near the parking lot and had to go back the exact same way we came. 

Sam and I are both TERRIBLE at directions and always seem to get lost.  Every single time that happens we always comment that we should never be allowed to go anywhere alone…but then it happens again lol.  I definitely got my sense of direction from my dad Winking smile  Good thing we had things like this to look at on the trail…


Anyways, after walking a total of at least 8 miles we finally found my car.  We walked for two and a half hours and I missed 5 o’clock church because we were gone so long :/ Hopefully my legs and butt aren’t too sore tomorrow from the miles of hills we put on tonight! Let’s just say next time we go we’ll study the map like crazy and find a better parking lot!

In other news, I have some visitors coming this weekend Smile  Amanda, Allie, and Rob are coming to see me and spend St. Patrick’s Day in Nashville and I am SOO EXCITED.  I can’t wait to see them and have quite a bit of homework to get done before they arrive Friday morning.  Off to be productive, hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Sam’s Birthday

This past weekend started off with a bang by celebrating Sam’s birthday on Friday night.  (Almost) all of us interns went out for supper at one of the Mexican restaurants, Cinco de Mayo.  We arrived at 8 to eat since we found out they tend to not be too busy at this time.  None of the Mexican restaurants in town take reservations and since we have such a large group of interns, it can be tricky to go out to eat.  Luckily it worked out really well and we were seated about 15 minutes after we arrived.

After we were finished eating, a little birdie had told the wait staff that it was Sam’s birthday so they came out with a nice surprise for her Winking smile  She got to wear a sombrero, be serenaded by all the waiters, and received some free fried ice cream.  After they were done singing, the waiter who was holding the plate of ice cream scooped some up to feed to her.  Instead of putting it into her open mouth, he decided to smash it into her face a little.  Let’s just say we all about died laughing and then took some pretty pictures for her……

001                    002  

…and then everyone helped her finish her ice cream Smile After finishing our margaritas and ice cream, we headed to Broadway Brewhouse for some of their famous Bushwackers (it’s a drink don’t worry…)  This was my first time ever having one and they basically taste like chocolate pudding….so delicious!  Even though they were really good it got to be almost too sweet by the end.

After Broadway Brewhouse we headed to one of our favorite bars, Tin Roof for some live music, beer, and dancing.  Almost immediately after we got there, Sam turned to me and asked if the lady in front of us was one of the “Real Housewives.”  I have never watched the show before so I had no idea.  Since I was no help, she turned and asked Rachel who freaked out and ran up to her when she saw her.  Rachel asked the woman if she was Jill Zarin from Real Housewives New York and apparently she was. 



Her daughter goes to school at Vanderbilt and Jill’s husband was at the bar as well so I’m assuming they were just in town visiting for the weekend.  Even though I had no idea who this lady was, I’m still adding her to my count of celebrity sightings in Nashville.  I’m up to three….hopefully I can add some more this weekend Smile  Hope everyone is having a great week.

PS – I saw an article on one of the other blogs I read about the most loved states in America.  Apparently Tennessee ranks #3 (following only Hawaii and Colorado). So that means ya’ll have to come visit me and see what is so great about Tennessee…deal?!

PPS – Don’t worry – I don’t actually say ya’ll, I am NOT turning into a Southerner!

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